What is a pre-registered vehicle?

A pre-registered vehicle is a car that is already registered with the DVLA and has a number plate. Some people are put off leasing a pre-reg vehicle because they think they're not new. But they ARE still new cars. They are often cheaper, better spec and you will be able to take delivery quicker.

What's the catch?

Because a pre-registered vehicle has already been built, you won't be able to customise it or add any extra options. So, what you see is what you get.

The warranty period starts when the car is registered - not when you get the car. You are entitled to the manufacturer's warranty and roadside assistance cover from the date of registration but, if this expires during the contract hire period, you will be liable for any possible breakdown costs or repairs. Unless you purchased a maintenance package as part of the contract - repair costs may, in this case, be covered subject to the maintenance terms and conditions.


Since the cars are essentially sat waiting for you, one of the benefits of leasing a pre-registered vehicle is that you will get it a lot sooner than if you were to have a car built specifically for you.

Pre-registered cars are almost always cheaper to lease (or buy) than if you were to get a car built for yourself from the factory. Finance providers to a certain extent take a gamble when purchasing pre-registered cars. They would rather get them gone as soon as possible and not taking up valuable space on the forecourt.


They ARE new cars
They are only available in their existing spec and colour
They are ready and waiting
They are good value
They have limited warranty