Why Lease An Audi From Milease?

We’ll find you the best Audi lease deals available on the market. We have contract hire deals including 24-48 month contracts with some as little as just 1 months initial payment. 

Benefits Of Leasing An Audi

Like any of the German car brands, Audi is both reliable and thrilling. If you’re looking for a brand new car that has a little bit of everything, then Audi is a good choice. Of course, it isn’t the cheapest brand in the world, but thankfully they offer a wider range of shapes and sizes than their competitors - Mercedes Benz and BMW - currently don’t offer, such as the smaller, more affordable city car, the Audi A1. With Audi even the lowest trim levels get a high level of kit as standard.  

If the stunning Audi looks aren't enough for you, then perhaps the massive range of different models, engines, options, and trim levels might seal the deal with you. Lease an Audi and you get a premium car inside and out whether you go entry level or high end. You will not be disappointed. Here at Milease we are able to offer both personal and business contract hire deals on the Audi of your choosing.  


S tronic combines all the advantages of a conventional manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic. Power is almost never interrupted when shifting in the dual-clutch gearbox. The vehicle accelerates smoothly in a linear manner.

The most significant benefit of leasing is that monthly payments are usually less expensive than financing the identical vehicle. Of course, this is because someone financing a car pays for the entire vehicle, whereas leasing merely covers the expense of depreciation during the period you own it.

At Milease, we do not offer second-hand lease deals. If you lease an Audi with us, it will be brand new, and because you’ve chosen to lease instead of buying, you don’t have to worry about depreciation! You often find leasing a brand new Audi is actually the cheaper option. 

Audi Connect is a system that can be built into your brand new Audi. It's features and services are built into your Audi's Infotainment system and can connect your car to your phone through the MyAudi App.

Some features of the MyAudi app is remote control capabilities, sending destinations to your car before you get into it, manage your car by receiving up-to-date information. If you decide to lease an Electric Audi the app will include extra benefits such as charging station locations, checking your available range and even remotely starting the climate control. 

What our customers say...

T Dempster
5 stars

Great service from Milease, and by far the cheapest deal on the market for the car I wanted. Craig sorted everything, and always responded to messages and queries very promptly and professionally. Would definitely use again, highly recommended.

Leased a Audi A4