Vulnerable Persons Policy

Vulnerable Persons Policy

We understand the importance for our customers to receive the appropriate information
about the products and services that we offer to enable them to make an informed decision.
Entering into a vehicle hire, finance or service agreement with its imposed terms and
conditions involves a long-term financial commitment, so we appreciate that it is very
important that our customers fully understand their obligations. There are occasions when
someone who, due to their personal circumstances, may be vulnerable and therefore
especially susceptible to detriment. We, therefore, need to ensure that we consider the
circumstances of each individual and during our dealings with them, tailor our approach,
removing any barriers that restrict the customer from accessing our products and services
and achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Recognising consumer vulnerability

We realise that a customer may be vulnerable or potentially vulnerable for various reasons
and these may include mental or physical infirmity, age, credulity, addiction, a recent
change in circumstances, new to finance commitments or a particular financial product,
learning difficulties, illiteracy and/or where English is not the customer’s first language. The
reason for the vulnerability could be permanent or a temporary situation. Our staff are
trained to ask our customers questions and to actively listen to responses. A customer may
reveal information that suggests that they could be vulnerable (self-identification) or we
may recognise certain behaviours which could indicate that a customer is potentially

What happens if a customer is identified as being vulnerable?

Being identified as being vulnerable does not impede a customer from obtaining finance for
their vehicle. Due to the diversity of the factors that can contribute to the level of customer
vulnerability, there will not be one approach that can be adapted to fit each circumstance.
However, examples of how we may ensure that the customer receives a fair outcome could
be the way that we communicate, asking more questions, taking more time to go over
things, and/or make suggestions for another family member to be party to the
conversations. The overriding principle in our dealings with vulnerable customers is that fair
outcomes are achieved throughout the customer journey, and any barriers are removed to
access our products and services. We will always deal with our customers respectfully and
with integrity.