Thinking of going Electric, take advice.....

When considering your next new vehicle, either a personal lease or business lease, there is a lot to consider, and one of the biggest questions is whether to take the plunge and go for an electric vehicle? As an experienced and BVRLA accredited leasing broker, we at Milease take the time to listen and advise on the right way forward, and having chosen to move to electric, choosing the right vehicle for your needs and available budget is something we specialise in.

Unfortunately, we are all very much aware of the increased cost of electricity, has this impacted on the decision to switch from petrol or diesel to electric?  Indeed, there have been some recent articles that suggest that electric is now more expensive than petrol. Is this true? Our view is that this is a somewhat misleading position, as if you are able to charge at home, and by doing so benefit from lower charging tariffs available from suppliers, then electric is cheaper. If however you do all your charging on premium public chargers e.g. at Motorway service stations, the cost comparison is closer, perhaps even tipping in favour of petrol.

There is of course an argument that not everyone has the option of fitting a charger at home, and this is an important consideration.

So, in summary you need to consider the full life cost of any deal you consider, for example tyres, servicing, performance, and of course the environmental considerations. Take a look at the great deals we have on electric vehicles  and get in touch for a chat to identify the right vehicle for you.