Le Mans - The Innovations

Le Mans Centenary videos by Eurosport

Le Mans 24 is of course one of the worlds most famous motor races, as part of the celebration 24 of the most celebrated personalities collaborated to make 24 short videos.

These are available on YouTube, search for ‘Le Mans: 24 for 24.’

Episode 23, The Laboratory of Innovation is super interesting as it focuses on Le Mans as a ‘development platform’ where Howden Haynes of Progressive Motorsport (a nine times Le Mans 24 winning engineer) reflects on the innovations that were either introduced or have origins that can be traced back through Le Mans, such as windscreen wipers, fog lights, seat belts, brake discs and turbo’s – things we all now take for granted on the cars we drive everyday. 

Episode 14 is well worth a watch as it focuses on the equal playing field from both the engineer and drivers perspective.